Gitto Farm n Kitchen


Greg & Carol Gitto, Laura Gitto; Katie Stead


Watertown, WI

About Us

We are the Gitto Family. Since embarking on our journey of establishing an organic farming operation, our family has grown, and (now extended) is still growing! We have been blessed to raise our children and grandchildren in a rural environment where they learn the value of hard work and the principles of good stewardship of the land and resources.
Farming is not an easy lifestyle. The days can be long, the weather can disrupt your plans, and the market for your products is rarely predictable. On the other hand, it has been a rewarding way to live and work together as a family, producing healthy foods that we have been proud to offer to our local community. Our farming adventure had its roots in an organic dairy operation. We soon saw the need to diversify into other areas of organic agriculture and food production, as a source of extra income and a hedge against market uncertainty in the dairy industry. The rich, pesticide/herbicide- free soil on our farm allowed us to grow a number of organic vegetables that we could sell to our prospective customers and also sustain our own family’s health. Through farmer’s markets, we were able to offer a variety of nutritious organic vegetables to a growing number of satisfied customers.
Our next family endeavor was producing tortillas! We started out small, with equipment that enabled us to make just a few hundred tortillas in a full day’s work. We produced only enough for sale at the local farmers’ markets. As the word spread about the quality and taste of our organic tortillas, several local stores asked if we could supply them with our tortillas. This prompted the decision to build a commercial kitchen facility on our farm. Long story short: our fully equipped, organically-certified kitchen now enables us to produce several thousand packs of tortillas (6 tortillas/pack) in a day! Our line of organic tortillas can now be found in a number of well-known groceries and whole-food co-ops in the Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago areas.

Gitto Farm n Kitchen is USDA Certified Organic. We also receive routine certification inspections through Nature’s International Certification Services. This is an organic certification agency founded to serve organic producers nationwide with their certification needs.

Over the last several years, as our children have continued to get married and leave (though not far away!), we’ve found it necessary to stop producing vegetables. This didn’t change our original objective: to produce healthy, nutritious food for a base of customers who would share our ideas and values concerning the advantages and benefits of such food, for their families. In an age of huge, corporate farms and highly processed foods, we believe it is worth the time and effort to: 1) bring more basic, wholesome foods to discerning customers and 2) contribute to sustaining the land, the family farm, and a sense of community support for one another. Our goal will always be to bring you the best From Our Family Farm to Your Family Table!

About Our Products

Our Tortillas: They are certified organic, and the most versatile, thin, and addictively flavorful tortillas you will ever find. We produce them in three varieties... Whole Wheat, White, and Spelt. We bake them with literally only a handful of simple ingredients (flour, vinegar, sunflower oil, baking soda, and salt) plus water. They must be kept refrigerated since they contain NO preservatives. When refrigerated, they will keep well for up to a month. They may also be frozen, and then will last indefinitely. (But that only happens if you forget about them; otherwise, they're so versatile and tasty that you're bound to use them up quickly!)

Organic grass-fed beef: We raise our animals on our certified organic farm in Watertown. With proper management of our soil and grasses using a rotational grazing plan, we are able to raise healthy, well-developed cattle that will translate into delicious, nutritious, top-quality beef for you and your family.

Recently, we have also added value-added beef products to the list of healthy foods that we are making available to the public. Our Specialty Meat Products include lean ground beef, four kinds of beef sticks, German landjaeger, summer sausages, ring bologna, brats, and wieners.

Bulk sales (quarters and halves) of beef are also available, for those folks wanting to stock their freezers with healthy, grass-fed meat for their family. Ordering this way will reduce your overall cost, compared to buying various cuts of meat piecemeal at your local grocer.

What We Offer

  • Beef
  • Meat & Dairy
  • Summer sausage
  • Tortillas