Rockwell Ridge Farm


Cliff Gonyer, Cari Gonyer


Dodgeville, WI

About Us

Welcome to Rockwell Ridge Farm. Cari and I are thankful for your interest and support. We own a small farm in the Dirftless region of southwest Wisconsin. Our primary focus is to create healthy, vibrant soil which in turn will provide nutrient dense food not only for our animals, but for ourselves and our customers. We pasture raise all of our animals using rotational grazing, and we supplement their diets with locally grown organic grains. We do not feed soy, nor do we use antibiotics or any pharmaceutical medications. We grow many perenial crops to reduce the disturbance of the soil thus preserving the crucial microbiology that contributes to soil health. Our purpose is to provide you a great tasting, nutritionally beneficial food that is grown and prepared locally to sustain your body and soul.

What We Offer

  • Bakery
  • Chicken Eggs
  • Cider
  • Jellies and jams
  • Pestos
  • Pickled vegetables
  • Pork
  • Sheepskins/raw wool
  • Vinegar, herbal
  • Wild-gathered items