Two Onion Farm


Chris McGuire, Juli McGuire


Belmont, WI

About Us

Two Onion Farm is located on 12 acres in Belmont, Lafayette Co., Wisconsin, between Madison and Dubuque. Once covered by prairie and oak savannah, the land here is fertile and high in organic matter, and this fertility contributes to the excellent flavor of our produce.  We continue to improve the quality of the soil by cover cropping, mulching, and spreading compost.  Chris and Juli McGuire have owned and managed the farm since 2003.  We work with our children and six employees from our area to carefully raise your food from seed to beautiful, abundant harvest.  Our goals are to feed our community with delicious, nourishing produce; to preserve our soil and environment; and to provide our family and farm workers with meaningful, skilled, healthful work.  Growing food for you is our delight and passion.

About Our Products

Juli's Organic Applesauce and Juli's Organic Apple Butter are cooked from apples grown in our orchard in SW Wisconsin and seasoned gently with spices.  We add no sugar.

I love serving good food at my kitchen table. My children, family and friends have enjoyed these simple and delicious applesauce and apple butter for years. Now I'd like to share a jar of it with you.



What We Offer

  • Jellies and jams