Northwood Organic Farm LLC


Jim & Rebecca Goodman


Wonewoc, WI

About Us

Northwood Farm was established over 125 years ago as a diversified crop and livestock farm. With the advent of specialized agriculture, the farm focused on dairy production. Over the years we realized that conventional farming was hurting our animals, our land and ourselves. In an effort to return to our sustainable roots, we have increased the diversity or our farm and converted to organic status.

We remain primarily a dairy farm of 45 registered Holstein cows who graze on a fresh piece of grass twice/day in season. All our animals are born on our farm and after being weaned from whole milk, they eat a diet of 97% grass (forage) and 3% homegrown grains (oats, wheat, barley and corn).

Our animals are never crowded. Following a sustainable organic system, they have a healthy immune system and are seldom ill. When necessary, we help them “heal themselves” with homeopathy and herbal immune boosters. Antibiotics are used only to save a life.

About Our Products

BEEF: We started direct marketing beef from our diary steers in 1997 because market concentration had driven prices and beef quality down. Animals are fed and cared for as described above and on pasture in season. They are neither 100% grass fed nor grain finished. We enjoy offering a wide variety of cuts and our 90% lean ground is known my many as the best at the market. We believe this is so because our animals are allowed to age naturally, processed at 2.5-3 years of age and fed a diverse diet. All animals are certified organic until processing. Since our processor is not certified, we are not allowed to sell them as such.

CHEESE: The end product of our dairy farm is cheese. We sell our milk to Cedar Grove Cheese in Plain, WI. On request, they will make a special batch of cheese using only our milk while our cows have been grazing on lush pasture. Milk produced by cows on the best fresh grass has a rich yellow color with higher concentrations of conjugated linoleic acid. Non-pasteurized white cheddar made in October of 2016 is currently available.

EGGS: 24 Araucana hens explore our farmyard usually in 2 groups (split loyalty between our 2 roosters) eating what chickens will. They give eggs with brightly colored yolks, great flavor and shells of blue, green or brown

What We Offer

  • Beef
  • Cheese
  • Chicken Eggs